Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Riverwalk

So San Antonio is a big tourist town.

What's the big attraction?

Well there are quite a few note worthy things to do in San Antonio but here in downtown I would say the biggest attraction is the riverwalk.

It consists basically of this man-made river that winds its way through the concrete jungle of the city below street level.
It's beautiful really especially at night with all the lights and music everywhere.

If someone asked me though what the riverwalk is really about I would have to say food.
The walk is lined with restaurants and shops but really mostly restaurants.
Food smells waft their way along the river.
If you're trying to find a place to eat there are so many cuisines its hard to choose.

I took some time today to take pictures of a few of the places.

Cafe Ole

Michelino's - yummy Italian

Fig Tree Restaurant - this is the cutest place ever! Especially at night. It's rather pricey so we haven't actually tried it but its just so cute.

Casa Rio - Our personal favorite

Republic Of Texas

Rio Rio Cantina

Saltgrass Steak House

Paesanos - also Italian I believe.

Hard Rock Cafe

County Line Barbecue - I've never had any but it is one of the best smelling places out there.



I just love these bright blue chairs.

Iron Cactus

Las Canaries

Joe's Crab Shack

Landrys Seafood - very romantic at night with cute little candles burning on each table.

Mad Dogs - they make these awesome scotch eggs that are just delicious. Also the waiters wear kilts which makes me think only confident guys work here.

Jim Culluns Landing- they always have these people playing jazz music at night.

With cool old records for table tops.

Rainforest Cafe
Pretty awesome on the inside if you've never seen one.

Zuni Grill

Lonestar - no they aren't the only one overlooking the river walk.

So, if your hungry come on by. We can definitely point you in the right direction.

Happy Tuesday everybody!
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  1. Hard Rock has the car sticking out of the wall, right? I remember walking past it several years ago.

  2. oh i'd love to come and walk and explore town with you