Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wear Oh Where

Want to know where to find some cute but modest clothes?

I know right!?
Is that even possible in todays scantily dressed parade?
If you're anything like me it doesn't take you long to realize it can be pretty hard to find clothes that live up to your standards of modesty.

Well apparently there are still a few places out there promoting decency. Check them out.

I'm definitely dreaming of adding some of these beauties to my wardrobe.

Downeast Basics

If you want unique skirts that no one else has check out ETSY. You can search by your desired length of skirt.

I just recently found this place called New Creation. They only carry long skirts which is cool since aside from the recent maxi skirt trend/craze are usually pretty hard to find.
Also, no I'm not preggo but they have a pretty nice selection of long maternity skirts which, correct me if I'm wrong, but where the heck would you buy those any place else?

So I've checked out Overstock for anything from luggage to electronics but come to find out they also have some modest dresses and skirts.


Jen Clothing has some super adorable dresses.
You have to love the poppy colorful ones.

And.....since I like to save the best for last.
Here are some from my absolute favorite place, Shabby Apple.
They have the largest collection of cute casual dresses of anywhere I've found.
Many of them styled with vintage inspiration.
If I had every single one of them and I would gladly wear dresses every day.
My favorite collections are Romin' Holiday and Manhattan.

And this dress, what can I say? It's on my "must have" list.
Pardon me while I faint.

Loving me the vintage vibe. Yes please!

Honorable mention goes to Style J.  They do have varying lengths and styles so check it out if you feel led.

Ciao, Ciao!!
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