Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Russian Wedding


You know those days when you decided (the day before of course) to be ever so productive and industrious? Today was supposed to be that day. Let's just say nature has a way of changing your mind. So here I sit propped up in bed by pillows nursing my sick self while husband does all the productive stuff, wash dishes, do laundry, fold clothes, iron shirts and make me tea. Ha ha! As nice as I just made that sound I would rather be working with him. 

Since I can't actually get up and make my house look presentable instead of  like a thrift store (husband's words) I still need to make use of this precious time. I have decided to post a few more pictures of our trip to California. 

The special occasion of our brother Jacob getting married was pretty big for me. I've been looking forward to the day for a long time to attend a real honest to goodness Russian wedding. At last!! For the most part they aren't so different then American wedding's apart from a few things I will mention. 

Photos Removed By Request

In the morning the photographer arrives at the grooms house and takes pictures of the groom and his guys getting ready and also takes some snapshots with the family. After they are all dressed the groom and his guys and the photographer go to the brides house where she waits for the groom to pick her up. The tradition is for the groom and groomsmen to bring the bride and her bridesmaids their flower bouquets. They take more pictures and do whatever they do. I don't know.....because I was at the ceremony. For the first part of they ceremony the bride and groom aren't there. They sing and pray and have a message. After the message the bride and groom arrive and they have another message and they ask their vows. After the ceremony is over the youth and whoever wants goes with the bride and groom downtown to take pictures at the capitol. Kind of a time killer until the reception starts. There's something like 3 hours between the ceremony and reception. 
Beautiful bridesmaids. Aren't those dresses gorgeous??
On lookers watching the picture taking process.
(to the anonymous person wanting to know who the guy is in the white tie....his name is Carson Kaufman) lol!
Someone is excited
Taking pictures at the capitol in Sacramento

The reception consists basically of eating lot's and lot's of yummy food and being entertained by the young people. Many of them prepare song's, skits and poems to perform at the reception. It was interesting but might have been a tad more interesting if I would have understood what they were saying.
Bridal table decorations
The bridal table is laden with enough candy and sweets for a small army. 

Only the beginning of all the yummy food. 
Our cousin Tony
Nothing like old friends :) Our friend and relative Dima
Yours Truly and the Husband
Our cousin Maria and her family. Yeah...the kiddos might have been a bit tired. 

That's all for this time. I hope you enjoy the pictures. 


  1. Very beautiful! I love the bridesmaids' dresses, I think the black shrugs def turned it into a winter wedding :)
    When I saw the strawberry bouquet, I almost died of craving. Lol! Can you tell it's dinner time and I haven't eaten yet?!

  2. Random question... Who is the guy standing beside your brother in the one picture wearing a white tie? He's also sitting at a table in another picture...

    1. the groom's brother.. i knw:) went to their church

  3. That dima character looks familiar.