Thursday, July 12, 2012

Amish Country and A Wedding

Hey everybody!
Just taking a moment to catch my breath.
We are finally back home in our "home sweet home" of San Antonio. 
Traveled over three thousand miles in the last week and I think I'm ready for some home time. :)

Ohio was fantastic. 
We had such a lovely time getting to see our friends and helping them prepare for their special day. 
The wedding turned out very lovely and I was simply charmed by the amount of detail that was present. 
A lot of the time I was too busy to take pictures but I tried to get some when I could.

Setting Up:

putting on the table covers

The lovely Miss Gladys. She's as beautiful and sweet as you can imagine and I found myself rather falling in love with her as we worked together. 
the husband and the little bro working together
 The Wedding Day:

the lovely ladies
the handsome dudes
the wedding party getting their attitude on
 the cute little place settings

 Details, details, details.


good friends reunite
candy bar
miniature groom
guest registry table

the gorgeous and happy couple 

the getaway ride

Holmes County Ohio where we were staying is basically the heart of Amish country.
It's quite a culture shock from Texas but it was very beautiful in it's own way.
Curving, winding roads through the country side dotted with enormous Amish homesteads and tiny touristy towns filled with quaint shops, restaurants and cheese factories.
Very intriguing.
 A Swiss Cheese factory called Guggisberg.
It reminded me of a giant cuckoo clock.

So there you have it. A tiny recap of our trip. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
I still have to go unpack some stuff. :(
Why is it so much more fun to pack than unpack???
I am very much in dislike with unpacking and find myself procrastinating terribly.

Well here's to a lovely to day to you all! 

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