Our Wedding

An Anniversary of Sorts

September 12, 2011

Yesterday marks 6 months as Mr & Mrs Skvortsov.
The best 6 months of our life.

Time went so fast and when I look back I simply can't believe half of a year has already passed.
I was looking at our wedding pictures recently and as I looked at our happy faces I remembered all over again the way I felt on that day. It was like I was living in a dream. A very happy dream. The cool thing about being married for 6 months is you realize that this dream is even better than you thought and that you aren't going to wake up from it. 

By way of celebrating our 6 months of marriage here are a few pictures from our special day. 
I'm hoping to put up some more very soon so stay tuned.

The First Look

The Groom awaits the arrival of his Bride.


Our wedding was one of the most fun days ever. We look back and remember it with the fondest of memories. Our goal was to have a very relaxed and low stress day. Thanks to our friends and family it was just that. 

Here's to hoping you have a fantastic week!!

Boxcar Bride

September 15, 2011
It's a happy Thursday here. I'm being all lazy and stuff. Lounging on my bed playing with pictures. 
I fully intended to post these yesterday but I've been having a hard time sorting through all of them and deciding what to post and what not to post. 
(by the looks of it I decided to post all of them right)
Anyway...I'm thinking unless you guys protest ferociously then you'll just have to put up with a bunch of wedding picture posts.

Yes, major picture overload here. 
I hope you like them.
We were stuck doing pictures at the worst time ever with bright direct sunlight but hey, I'm not one of those people who wanted to take pictures indoors so we decided to give it a whirl. 

I can not look at this picture without cracking up big time.

Ok, I did my job by posting all these pictures.
Now, you can do your job and leave me lots of comments ok!!?!

Ciao Ciao!!

P.S. Am I the only one that would totally get married all over again? To the same man of course.
Yeah, when I remember how fun it was I want to do it again. (minus all the pre wedding stuff)

Blessed in Blessing

September 19, 2011
Greetings and salutations to you!
It's been a busy weekend and I sort of feel like I need another weekend to recover from this one.
Husband and I have been volunteering at a food kitchen where they prepare and serve food to homeless and volunteers who are helping out with fire related tasks.
Why is it when you help someone, when you do something for someone else through the love of Jesus do you turn out feeling like you were the one who received something?

It's been such a blessing! I am amazed how people band together to help in a time of great need like this. It's unfathomable the amount of donations that have been received and from what great distances they arrived. Suddenly it doesn't matter what race you are, what "social status" you hold, what your denomination or lack of denomination is. Everyone is here to help and to bless and one thing is for sure I've been blessed.

I took a few pictures of the fire destroyed homes but they're still on my camera and I don't feel like getting them so I'll leave you with some more wedding pictures.

I'm looking toward a busy next few weeks. I want to try and work extra this week in preparation for our upcoming company inventory. Then of course the following week is inventory. Oh the joy!
Yesterday we also found out that husband's brother from California moved his wedding date from February 2012 to November of this year. AAhh!! Talk about a curve ball. We weren't really expecting to take another trip to Cali this year but I guess we'll see what God has in store.

I've decided to go on a diet. (a diet of my own invention aka eating less) Yes, I know.... cheer me on please. I have a serious issues with diets. The issue is I can never keep them. Regular exercise is what I really need. Oh whatever happened to the days when I used to workout everyday. I wouldn't mind having that motivation again. Right now my workouts are so sporadic. It's cooled down a teeny bit and I find it quite pleasant to go for a walk or ride my bike if I go early enough or late enough when it's not in the hottest part of the day. Words of wisdom and encouragement welcome.

Later honey childs!

The Ceremony

 September 27, 20011

Good morning from my little apartment in the city! I am so ecstatic about the fact that the weather is finally cooling down a bit. I was even able to open the windows this morning and let in some fresh, cool air.  Happy dance!

What am I thankful for today?
Even though I have to pay every time I want to do laundry I am thankful that I have 4 washers and 4 dryers and it doesn't have to take me all day.

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from our wedding ceremony.

Our ceremony was short and sweet and to the point. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world to walk down the aisle toward my future husband. Even more wonderful to walk back up the aisle as husband and wife. 

Quentin Weaver - groomsmen                                    Leon Beachy - best man
Bethany Martin - bridesmaid
Angela Loewen - maid of honor
Isabella Ariza - flower girl

Devotional by Josiah Miller

Officiant Brian Schlabach (Uncle of the bride)

And there you have it. :)
I hope you guys have a splendid day!
I'm off to check my laundry.


October 3, 2011
Here's to hoping you had a fantastic weekend! Husband and I certainly did.

What you watch has a major effect on what you start craving have you noticed? Today I've been all lazy and relaxed. Thanks to Aislinn I started watching Cake Boss. AAAhh!! I started craving cake so bad so tonight husband snuck downstairs and bought be some little filled chocolate cakes and Dr Pepper to satisfy my cravings. Mwwaah baby!!

Here are some random pictures from our wedding. Have a happy week!

My wonderful sister-in-law made this surprise cookie cake for us. She knew chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.

Candy buffet

Our Baristas and drink servers for the day :)
It was a triumph!

 The band: Scarlet Point
Just want to give a big shout out to everyone who did such an amazing job with the music part of our special day. You guys did an outstanding job and you really put the perfect finishing touch to our wonderful day. We loved, loved, loved it! I just had to share some of the pictures while you guys were playing. Such a fun time!

The wonderful Starbucks stop. We had to keep up our energy you know.

Cake pops...yes please!

 Well, this gal better hit the sack. Got an early morning coming up. 


  1. LOVE! all your wedding pics!!!

  2. Your wedding pictures are beautiful! Congrats on 6 months! My husband and I just got married about 4 months ago. I'd love for you to come check out some of the wedding pictures I've put up so far. More to come! Promise!


  3. Nice.. Cute and simple wedding.
    I know the Skvortsovs I used to go to the church in CA.