Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome To Our Nest

Thought maybe some of you would be interested in seeing a little of what our apartment looks like.

These first pictures are just a few I shot with this kind of cool app called retro camera.
That's why all the age spots and stuff. I guess you be the judge if its cool.

The walls are still rather bare but this is home to us and we love it.

Thanks to IKEA we actually have a few more pieces of furniture than we did have.
I'm saying this to our family and friends who were here when it was bare minimum.

The kitchen! Yeah I know, I don't really like the cabinets either.
They don't really go with the rest of the apartment.
Any suggestions?

If it wasn't for IKEA our apartment would probably still be bare minimum.
Yes, I love IKEA if you haven't figured that out by now.
Too bad the closest one isn't that close.
Does anyone know why there isn't an IKEA in San Antonio?

Mmm...maybe we should start one.

Close up of our super cool shaggy area rug. It literally jumped out at us in IKEA. (ok, fine not literally)

Since our apartment is small we were pretty happy to find this bed with 4 big drawers built into the bottom. Super handy!

I'm feeling kind of giddy right now because in a little while I'm going to walk to meet Husband at one of the places he's working.

Today his last stop is right here in downtown and I'm going to meet up with him there.

Do any of you out there ever become simply overwhelmed by the magnitude of God's love for you and the way he works in you and blesses you?

So I was thinking how cool it would be to have lived during the time of Jesus and to be taught by and actually be in the presence of God. Suddenly it hit me that we are much better off now. Now God actually dwells in us in the form of His Spirit and teaches and empowers us from the inside.

Wow, maybe that didn't hit you like it did me but I thought I would share with you anyway.
That was free.

Also tomorrow Husband has the day off!! Well, sort of anyway.
Happy Dance!

Blessings lovlies!!

Oh btw...I'm so happy! I have a whooping 8 followers.

March 2012

A few things are different around the apartment so as things change I'm adding a few more photos.

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  1. Who knows why there's no IKEA? But there's something even better. All the military people move every couple of years and put their furniture for sale on craigslist really cheap. You can find almost any kind of furniture or household stuff really cheap because of all the government contractors and military folks moving in and out.

  2. I'm just loving this little glimpses into your life! You are very brave as I want to stay far away from big cities as possible! ;) So I'll enjoy it from your eyes!
    Keep writing!

  3. From Beverly: Laura, your apartment reminds me of the website missminimalist. There's something very peaceful about a home that's simple and free of clutter. It's so easy to over-accumulate. We moved all of our belongings in the back of a pick-up when we first got married. 33 years and six daughters later, we are trying to get back to that point of freedom and mobility.

  4. Love the pics and the blog Laura!

  5. So so cute!! Love your couch!! LIke LOVE with all capitals!! :) XOXO

  6. Your picture on your profile looks exactly like one of my wedding pictures! Love it. Your design style is awesome. I like your blog and am definitely following. Want to be blog friends? Check out my blog and follow too!

    Along Abbey Road

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  8. paper the cabinets. I have seen it done for Christmas, why not all the time. And you can change it whenever.