Saturday, February 11, 2012

Skirt Tutorial

So I know I shared a similar post here on how I tuned a mini dress into a skirt but today I thought I would show you one I did recently. Spring is around the corner (hopefully not too far) and with spring comes this undeniable urge inside of me to wear something colorful and fantastic and flowery. Run people!! You've been warned. 

As most of you know there is no shortage of fun cute little mini dresses and mini skirts out there. What's not so easy to find is fun, cute knee length skirts. Possible, but not "readily" available. 

Here's how to turn a mini dress into a fantastic high waisted skirt. 

Cut off the top part of the dress leaving a little extra fabric to sew over to the inside of the skirt. 

 Note the extra inch or so of fabric that I left on above the seam. 

 Since this dress had a zipper running up the back it added a dimension that the other elastic waisted dresses didn't have. Very simple though....let me explain. 

Make sure you have the zipper open before cutting it at the same extra inch above the main seam as you can see in the picture. 

 Now fold over and stitch down the extra inch of zipper to the inside of the skirt to keep the tab from zipping off the end. This can be done carefully with your sewing machine. 
Next (unfortunately I don't have a picture) add a few darts front and back to the waist band, how ever many you need to assure a snug fit against you're body. Otherwise it will stand out and buckle at the waist. 

Now flip the extra fabric underneath and top stitch the skirt all the way around making sure to catch the fabric below. 
 There it is, you're all done! Note the finished darts on either side of the zipper. 
 Now put it on...model it, be proud of yourself and maybe do a happy dance. Dancing is purely optional but kind of enhances the whole process. 

Uh...excuse the white socks. I just randomly put these shoes on over my socks and wore them all day around the house.  (around the house...and on my blog..yeah that was a dumb move but whatever)
 Let me know if you've done something similar or if you decide to try it after you read this. :)

Ciao loves!!


  1. wow...great job! I love doing stuff like this. I often buy something second hand/thrifted and turn it into something totally different--it's so much fun and such an adventure! :)

    1. I agree that this is an amazing thing to do with a thrifted mini dress! I am totally going to try it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Absolutely love your creativity! I used to do a lot of those kind of things when I was younger, especially for Rolanda when she was just a small imp. But now you've re-inspired me to do some looking in the thrift stores once again. Will have to see what can be found!

  3. I'm definately gonna try that. Thanks for the tutorial.