Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy News!

Hello everybody! Hope you had a great weekend so far. My favorite part of the weekend was the news of Baby Hayden Witt being born. So, so happy for our friends Drew & Shari. This is such an exciting time in your lives and I'm just ecstatic for you. I'm also secretly remembering all the feelings and emotions I had going through that whole first time experience only 7 months ago. Seriously, it has been 7 months already! How is that possible? I can remember everything so vividly as if it was only a few weeks ago. 

Also, this post has nothing to do with the pictures I put up but as you guys know I hate  posting a blog without pictures.  These are from Thursday night. We had such a wonderful time swimming and fellowshipping with friends at the Vidorra. Zion loved the water as always. Anybody out there know how to teach a baby to swim or have any recommendations? I really want to teach him young but am having a hard time knowing where to start. 

Our hostess Amanda and Shari. Love you guys!
 Eric cooking up some delicious food. Thank you!

I spy Dr pepper!!

 Well that's it for now so I'm just going to head off. Enjoy what's left of your weekend. 


  1. I took Truman to swim lessons at the YMCA. It was so much fun!

  2. I just came to see if there were any new updates on your blog, because I was wondering what you're up to. There were none, but I decided to comment anyway, because I know comments are always welcome. :) I went back and read old posts when you were pg, just to compare notes. I'm at 24 weeks in couple of days and I'm pretty sure I'm bigger than you were! Feeling kinda whale-like over here! :) Ah, but I'm excited about having a babe of our own, and I'm sure I'll survive all of this. Anyway, just a hello from me...I hope you find the time and inspiration to blog again soon. :)