Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Evening Alone

This is just me taking a break from all the heavy California posts.

So I spent an evening alone in our apartment for the first time tonight.
Let me just be honest and say " I'm not a fan!"
Pretty much found myself pulling out a bottle of this and then after that being bored and needing something to pass the time.

Without naming any names, a certain somebody needed to attend defensive drivers class which accounted for my being home alone.

I decided to look through netflix to see if there was a movie that looked worth watching.
I landed on a movie called " I can do bad all by myself".

Now granted the title and cover of the movie didn't really seem that appealing to me but being a bit of Tyler Perry and Madea fan convinced me to give it a watch.

It was a thought provoking movie for me what else can I say.
Call me a softie but it made me cry. Such a good/sad story.
I know its just a movie but the thing that breaks my heart is although those characters in the movie are fictional, their hurts, their pain, their scars, are reality for millions of people.

People in my 6 floor apartment building, people walking up and down the streets outside my window. People wearing masks to hide the parts inside that they are afraid of showing.
Masks of anger, bitterness and drunkenness.
So many broken hearted children and youth.

There are no amount of words that can express how blessed I feel to have been sheltered from so much pain and destruction as a child.

To have felt loved, needed and wanted.
To have felt secure in my own home.

Why are some given so much chance and others so desperately little?

I don't really know but I do know this.
God has blessed me much therefore much is required of me.

Compassion, as I heard someone say once, is not merely a passive emotion for others less fortunate but a compelling need to alleviate their sufferings.

Disclaimer: The movie has some language so don't say I didn't warn you. Don't watch it with your 6 yr. old and blame me for giving it a family friendly rating.
Because I didn't.

Credits: All these pictures are Google image products. May credit be given where credit is due.

Nighty night!
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