Thursday, July 19, 2012

18 Weeks

I finally decided that I have to start taking the "pregnant belly" pictures. 
I really, really want to document this part of my life because it's so special to me and I want remember it forever. I wish that my mom would have pictures from when she was going through this stage and she doesn't and because of that I want to be faithful in capturing whatever I can. 
So far being pregnant has been the most amazing thing EVER! I just love it! I'm not really showing that much yet but since it's only two more wks to the half way point I decided I might as well start somewhere. 
I started doing the crunch Yoga mama workout this week. I like it but it sure is a different kind of working out than I'm used to. It may look simple but some of those stretches aren't for the faint of heart. Yikes! 
I've kind of been scouring the internet for blogs of other moms who are pregnant and going through this stage. If anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear them. I found a new one the other day called Hello Hue that is super cute but she's ready to have her baby any day so I would say she's ahead a good bit. :)

Well...I shall run along. 
Have a blessed day!


  1. oh Laura. where oh where is your belly? :) You're looking adorable as always. God bless! ~Rhonda

    1. It's coming slowly but surely. :) I am pregnant I promise!! Thanks for stopping by and God bless you too.