Saturday, September 8, 2012

September Saturday

Goodmorning my friends! 
I can't believe I'm actually sitting here with my window open. Oh sweet relief! There's a nice cool breeze assaulting my face and it gives me hope of a future. :P For real though I know it probably won't last just yet so I'm just enjoying it for all it's worth. 

Just some inspirational things this morning.

Please if you have any ounce of curiosity in you, click on this link. Husband brought it to my attention and boy, is it a good time. You'll thank me later because it's so full of awesomeness. 

As you guys probably already know I can drool forever over the shop called Ruche. I always love going over their lookbooks. The images are just so captivating and perfect. I thought I would share a few with you today. 

Yeah, I basically want all their clothes. 
You can view these and other lookbooks over here.

Also if you follow me on Pinterest you probably already saw these but aren't they awesome? For $10 you can print 250 of your Instagram photos into cute little stickers. Maybe that's crazy but I think it sounds so fun. I don't know what I do with them but these rate pretty high on my cool factor.
Found Here

Well I'm off to make some breakfast and conquer the world so have a blessed Saturday everyone.


  1. Oh I love the little stick figure thing. That was fun. :)

  2. Yeah, not what you expected huh? It's great.