Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby Starling's Shower

Last Sunday afternoon was our baby shower. It was so much fun and we felt so very blessed by the effort put in by our family and friends. It was so very pretty. Thank you to Yvonne, Maria and Victoria for the hard work that went into the decorations and food. It was a couples shower so the guys got to attend too. :) These were all the pictures I got of the event. If anyone took pictures I would love if you share them with me. 

Our little family. 
The shower was bird themed.
 It turned out great!!
They had candy eggs and gummy worms. 

My Mom decorated this cake for us. Isn't it just amazing?
A nest and eggs that my mom had. Believe it not it came all the way from Montana courtesy of my brother Gaylen. 
The bird tree. All the guests wrote some wishes to the baby and signed their name to keep as a guest list. 

 They tested our memory with this game by having us write down as many items we could remember seeing on the tray after having a few minutes to look at it. 

 Playing games

 "Grandpa" & "Grandma" deep in thought.

Now.....we just have to wait. Wait for this baby to arrive. :) 

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