Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sugar Pine Lake

I Finally got to visit a favorite childhood spot of the husband's. Sugar Pine Lake. The water is so cold and clear you can see all the way to the bottom. Beautiful! The family comes here every single summer to camp, swim and fish. It felt special to be invited to a place where so many memories took place and of which so many stories are told. I hope we will continue to go so that Zion will have good memories of this place as well. 
Trying to get cell service by climbing on top of the guard rail. Didn't work. :P 

Zion wishing we would get to our spot already. 
Just trying out the family photo shot. Guys it works! Really. :) 
Zion pretends the water isn't like ice. 
Brothers. Yeah they think a lot a like about picture taking. 

 The parents find a nice place to relax. 

 I can almost smell this right now. MMm!
 Catching Miss Alina unawares. 
 And again. Wait....what happened to the pants? Wilderness I tell you, that's what happened. 
Natalie working hard as always. 
Smile Sam! 
 Somebody got tired. 
 I imagine Zion will be running around like this by the next time we visit. Crazy!
 But for now he still stays put. 
 I feel like this post would not be complete without a picture of these sunflower seeds. They went with us almost everywhere we went thanks to the addiction of certain people I will not mention. You know who you are!

 The fish Dad harpooned. 

Have a beautiful day everybody!

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