Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vacation Hangover

Hello strangers! Ha...seriously I haven't written for so long that I kind of feel like a stranger around these parts. How many hundreds of times I thought about starting up my blog again and then never to actually do it. It's hard I guess when you don't blog for such a long time and so much water has crossed the dam. I feel like there is just so much that I have missed and I feel overwhelmed with where to start. I finally convinced myself today that the best place to start is here and now. Forget everything I missed...just start. So here it is. 

We just returned from a week vacation in California to see Artem's family. (hoping to post some pictures soon) It was so very nice to see everyone again and most of all it was awesome to have them meet our little man. Today was our first day back home in our little "house in the city" as we call it. Trying to get back in the routine of normal life can be a bit dull after vacation but topping it off with dinner with the husband and baby boy and a walk around "our" city reiterates what I already know, we love our city and it's good to be home. 

 Not so glamourous part of unpacking. 
Swing ride in the park.

Cute Popcorn cart. 
 Me & my sweet baby boy. 
He's already 5 months guys!!
How did that happen?

The husband :) 

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