Friday, June 7, 2013

Zion On The Farm @ Dedushka's

Although we thoroughly love our city life we are secretly very glad to have families that are as country as you can get. Especially since we have Zion. It's so fun to watch him discover new things. As my mom always said "there's no better place to raise kids than the country". I don't know but I do know there is always plenty to see, learn and do. Yeah...she's probably right. :( 

 Picture's of Zion being escorted around the farm by his Dedushka and Babushka in California. 

 I managed to snap this picture just before he caught both tiny little duck thighs in a death grip. I was so glad it wasn't the head or body because he would have killed it for sure. Man, that kid is strong when he wants to be. 
Hello baby, yes this is chicken. 

I "stole" the following pictures from their camera so I can't take any credit. Just too cute not to post.

 Okay...kissing a cow is apparently where he draws the line of what's too much country. 

 Driving the tractor has brought him back to smiles.
 Maybe he is a little Gaylen after all. 

Zion says "Thank you for stopping by!!" 

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