Friday, August 2, 2013


Hi guys!
Just a quick blog post here with something I've been wanting to share with all of you. (because I love you) As we have already established I am a product junkie. I love trying out new things and am a freak for cute packaging. I'm what you would call a marketers dream. I will basically love anything if it's packaged in a cute way. **Bunny trail there.** Anyway I recently heard of and signed up for this thing called Ipsy. Basically if you're like me and like to try out makeup, skin, hair and beauty products then this is the way to go. Each month they send you a little makeup bag filled with 5 deluxe size samples or full sized products for you to try that are customized to your profile. Also if you love any of the products and decide you want to purchase they provide you with discounts and coupon codes. I got my first bag in July and loved it so, so much I'm really excited for my next one.
 I really like all of the stuff I got except for the California collection eyeshadow palette. They're a bit dark for my taste so I don't really use them. Either way the value of the products is much higher than what I paid for.
Aside from everything else you guys have to know how fun it is to get packages in the mail. Also it come is a bright pink bubble mailer. Hello awesome! Anyway if you guys are interested go try it out. Here's the link.

Have a great day guys!

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