Sunday, March 27, 2011

Building A Nest

If you haven't lived in the city before then there are probably a few things you would encounter that you never really thought about before.

Ok, at least I didn't.
Let me break it down for you.

1. When you move into a six story apartment building, moving everything into your house can be meticulous.
Kind of similar to that of a bird building a nest in a tree.

Everything has to be carried from wherever you "happen" to find parking, down the street, in the front doors, up the elevators and down the long hall to your apartment. Now, multiply that by...oh, say
...a lot!

You get the picture.

2. You pay for everything.
Rent, water, electric, trash, parking, laundry, food,
homeless people.

Yes, I said homeless people. Ok, so you don't have to pay
them but you can't walk the street without them asking for
money. Normally 50 or 75 cents for "just a bite to eat" .

This is the homeless cripple who sleeps across the street. He's all wrapped up in his blanket.

I guess most of it is fairly expected like rent and electric but I think things like parking and laundry is an adjustment.

This is a cute sign but so not true in 2011. It's more like $1.25 to wash and $1 to dry.

3. You don't need a gym membership.
It's great, I love it! You get a lot of exercise living in the city.
We take the stairs mostly.
Elevators are just for when we carry lots of stuff.
You walk everywhere. Our parking garage is 2 1/2 blocks from our apartment so if you want to drive somewhere you have to walk at least that far to get your car.

Our beautiful walk to the car garage.

This garage is where we park our car. It has 10 levels and it so much fun. Parking garages are fun.

4. You save money on gas.
You can go a long time without using your car.
Why drive when everything is right outside your door? I haven't even seen the car since Thursday and its been two wks since we filled it up with gas.

In case your Amish and aren't in the know, that's a big plus these days.

So there you have it! (my abridged version)

Trust me there's more. If you guys have any questions comment.

Right now I'm off to spend a good evening with my husband.

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  1. This is so cool! And thanks for the info on the gas prices. Cause I'm Amish. ;)

  2. Oh my! This post totally cracked me up! I love your writing style, and your experiences come so alive when you write them. I must say, it sounds like you are enjoying your new life.

  3. lovely blog! thanks for the intro. hope to see more of you here... :)