Monday, March 28, 2011

From My Window

From the moment I first saw our windows I was in love.
They are big and tall and they boast a most beautiful view.
We have two.

To tell you that when I stand on the window sill I can't even reach the top wouldn't be a big deal.
It's not a big deal because I'm a a whopping 5' 3.

To tell you that when my husband stands on the window sill it's still taller than him, that's a big deal.
It's a big deal because my husband is one of those tall handsome types. He sports something around a 5' 11 frame.
Perfect in my book.

That is why on occasion you will see me sporting 3 inch heels.
I like being at that perfect kissing height.
Don't say you don't know what I'm talking about.
It sure cures neck and back strain.
That's what short people get from kissing tall people.
It's not my fault I'm short, people!
So take that, haters of heels! (no disrespect intended)

So what do heels have to do with windows?
Nothing really which is why we will get back to the windows.

Down the street view.

The things you can see and hear from our windows is endless.
Picture this. Constant entertainment, always changing, always evolving.

Travis street view.

They make our apartment feel not small.

The view.

Who needs television when you have windows like that?
That's what I would like to know.

A romantic evening by the window.

Husband says, "its like we have a fashion runway in front of our house". (referring to sidewalk)

It's true, sometimes we sit and critique people's clothes as they walk by obliviously.

If you could listen in, you might be humored.

The park across from our house.

Why do women feel the need to dress so sparsely?
That's another thing I want to know. (i actually have my own theory on this)
Is it wrong to call people sluts?
If so, we are guilty.

I might talk more about this later sometime.

I guess I'll fly off for now.
So here's me, hoping you have a blessed week.
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  1. Glad you're enjoying your new place. My view at work at Houston and Santa Rosa is pretty nice from up above, but down below it's homeless and down and out people. Downtown areas are magnets for the prosperous and the down-and-out.