Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Main Plaza

Who out there agrees with me that spring must be the best season ever?

To me spring signifies a time of new beginnings, a fresh start.
The trees are budding and the grass is green. (for Texas that's saying something)
Flowers are blooming everywhere.
The air is fresh and the sun is warm.

There is new life everywhere including the city.
I couldn't help but feel especially warm and fuzzy on my walk yesterday.

I kind of felt like God was reaching down and giving me a hug through the beauty of the nature, architecture, and the people around me.

I walked by the main plaza and couldn't help but take a few.random shots to share with you guys.
Pictures don't really do justice especially pictures from my phone.

Someday I'll have a really nice camera and I'll put this camera phone business to rest.

I stopped and listened to some veterans playing music.

Notice the old lady getting her groove on.
She sure didn't tire. She danced along enthusiasticly song after song.

That's a cool thing about San Antonio.
There is live music everywhere.
It's like the soundtrack to your footsteps as you walk the streets.

There is something super attractive about live music to me. Regardless of genre and my strong personal music preferences.
It's so authentic, its emotional,and somehow draws you in.

Husband and I are having such a wonderful time being married. Nothing could have prepared me for how awesome and fun it is.

It's kind of hard seeing him go back to work and having to leave at like 4 every morning. I'm so proud of him and the way he works hard to provide for me. It's the sweetest!

Aside from reading the bible together we've also been reading through some books of the apocrypha.
Man, there are some incredibly interesting stories in there.
If you haven't checked it out you should. Just remember, its not the bible. I guess it was included in the original king James version but then got taken out since it isn't "inspired by the Holy Spirit".
The book we read tonight is called "Judith".
She saved Israel by chopping off this guys head.
Talk about an awesome woman right there!

Later guys!
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  1. I really like the book of Tobit. It's so amazing how the demon kills all the bridegrooms. And the Wisdom of Solomon is interesting, too. It has a prediction about Christ and was used to bring many Jews to Christ in the early church. I think some words of the Apocrypha are inspired, but it's full of historical errors and some human opinions.