Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scene On Broadway

Broadway, its the street we live on.

The other night at like 2:55am Husband and I were jolted to rigid uprightness in our bed by an extremely loud screeching noise.

Because I suffer from insomnia I wasn't actually asleep yet but poor Husband looked dazed and confused since he was in the prime of his sleep.

It took us a little bit to figure out it was the fire alarm.

REALLY!? Is this happening to us I thought.

I ran to the window and looked out.
It was hilarious really. Heads were popping out from windows everywhere.

They looked rather confused and disoriented.

A guy from two floors up yelled to me "can you hear the noise down there too?"
No, I'm just sticking my head out to catch some fresh air at 3 in the morning. Duh! People ask some interesting questions.

Shrugging his shoulders and throwing up his hands he said, "its the fire alarm".
Oh, well in that case I'll just go back to bed thanks!

By this time there was a small assembly gathered on the sidewalk by the main doors.

I crawled out and sat on the window ledge for two reasons.
One, to escape the awful noise and secondly to observe the interesting scene unfolding below.

Husband figured out that by sticking one of my feminine products over the speaker he could greatly muffle the sound making it slightly more bearable.

He's so smart! That's why I married him.

Ever since we've moved here I have become increasingly curious about the other people who call Calcasieu their home.

We have run into a few people in the halls and foyer but its pretty rare.

There's a seemingly respectable couple who lives across the hall from us. We ran into them a few times.

Then there's Enrique who lives just next door
That's an interesting character I will tell you that much.
The first time we met was in the office before we ever moved here.

He introduced himself as our neighbour and then continued this running dialogue about the people who lived here. Pretty funny but made me wonder what he was going to say about us.
It's cool because the other day I shook his hand out the window.
How many of you can do that?

So anyway, sitting there on the window ledge I was finally able to see some more of the people who live here.

Evidently there are more gay than straight people living here.
It's sad but I won't lie, it makes for an entertaining spectacle.
They are funny!

We got to talk to a few of them who came over to the window.
A petite gay guy jokingly asked me if our house was on fire and if so we could just jump down and he would save us.

Um, Yeah honey, I probably weigh more than you so after u save me we could call the ambulance and take you to the emergency room. Understand?

It's quite obvious there's no fire or real danger but also obvious that no one knows how to turn off the system.

After an hour the fire department finally came and turned it off.

On the second try.
The first time they went flying by on Travis street and missed us completely. I guess when they couldn't find the place they just went back to the station.
That's odd, who trained these guys?

Well how's that for an eventful night?

BTW, if any of you feel that my blog is unrefined and a bit rough (which it is) I will let you know that I am doing all of this from my HTC Evo phone. :( If that bothers you feel free to send donations for a laptop.

Until next time!

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