Thursday, April 7, 2011


Here you go guys!
The place I was raving about.

It's called Lush.
Fresh handmade cosmetics.
Totally awesome. Kind of like a candy shop for grown-ups.

All kinds of unique, one of a kind soaps, bath bombs, massage bars and more.

They all smelled so divine and chock full of essential oils and other lovely things.

We bought a few bath bombs because they were just that awesome. The one even had tiny miniature dried roses in it.
Totally can't wait to try it.
And by trying it I don't mean like this.

Although, they did seriously look like they were good enough to eat.

So there you have it. I hope you can find one close by to go check out for yourselves.
You can also Google Lush and check out their website.
(not as good as visiting it in person)
Ours was right in Macys but like its own little shop.

That's it for today.

We are on our way to have dinner with my brother & his wife.

Peace out everyone!
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  1. Lush is one of my faves! Isn't it the best?? I love their Mask of Magnaminty. Such a clever store.

    Along Abbey Road