Saturday, April 9, 2011

Free Flying

Oh Saturday how I love thee!

You want to know why?
Do you? Do you? Huh?

Really its one of those "let me count the ways" things but today especially its exciting.

Our morning went something like this.

6:30 am. We stir in bed.
I roll over and grab my phone to check the time.
Husband says sleepily, "do you have something planned for today?"
Me: "no".
Husband: "you want to go to the beach?".

At this point I'm making sure he isn't sleep talking.
Nope, he's wide awake.
Me: "heck yeah!"

We jump out of bed, make some breakfast, and throw some things in a bag.

9:30 am. On our way to Corpus Christi.
Our road trip essentials include our oreos, sprite & music.
Definitely can't go without the music.

Now you see why this a happy Saturday?

Yeah I thought so.

Can't wait to soak up some sun!

The rest of the day? - Unplanned

Last night we had a wonderful evening with our fellowship. I love those people! They are our spiritual family.
Thank you to Tim & Crystal Cobb and their lovely family for opening their home to us.

Also, I have reached over 2,000 page views.
Nice! Thank you to everyone who spends a few minutes reading my blog.

Well this little Starling is going to go enjoy me some Saturday.

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