Friday, May 27, 2011

All Packed

Finally I am collapsing into bed.
Contented Sigh!

I'm happy to report that my husband is feeling mucho better and we just got done packing for our long awaited vacation.

Yesterday and today I helped husband out by doing his work for him so he didn't have to while he was all sick and stuff.
We took him to the medical clinic and got some antibiotics to speed the get well process. I just didn't want to risk him being sick on our trip to Cali.

So after some lessons on how to pack from my husband, the bags are finally packed and sitting by the door ready for tomorrow.

Yes, I am probably the worst "packer" ever.
I have no idea how to pack light. I hate leaving something behind because what if I decide I want to wear it and then realize I left it at home.
I won't lie, in the past I have resorted to sitting on my suitcase to close it.

Also I tend to dress by my mood so husbands tip to plan my outfits ahead was difficult and stretching to say the least.
He's so good and organized like that.
Did you know you can buy luggage now that is vintage inspired?

Well, you can! I saw some on Overstock and they look pretty cool. Not exactly timeless investments but cute nevertheless.

I will try and keep you updated on the trip.
Happy weekend!
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