Saturday, May 21, 2011

One More Week...

....until VACATION!
California your in my scope, I will be dreaming of you tonight.

Last night I had a peachy time helping some dear friends who just became first time home owners.

Yay! Congrats guys and God bless you big time.
I did a little art on the wall when I was painting.
I said they had to kiss in front of it for me. :b

Ha ha! Love these guys.
Of course I would never tell them I only came for the pizza.

Just kidding!
The truth is at home my husband was having the most delicious steak ever! Let's just say my husbands Mama should be very proud of him. He made it himself!!
I am more than proud of him.

So if you feel like it you can check out a few of my favorite blogs over here on the left. It's just a few of them because mind you I have a lot.

Go inspire someone!
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