Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The City Of Angeles

Los Angeles. Who named this city I wonder.
I guess that gives me something to google.

This is most likely my last California picture post.
You are free to jump up and down and scream.
Our visit to Hollywood.

I'm looking in vain for my star on the walk of fame.

It's proof, I was there.

We hung out at the shoreline village on the boardwalk listening to jazz music and eating the most delicious rocky road icecream in a waffle cone.

Our hotel.

Union Station. We had to wait around for a little while for our train so we enjoyed some peaceful time in the court yard.

My husband is the most handsome guy ever!

He also has the best style and fashion sense of any guy I know.

There's a hundreds of pictures I could have shared but these are the ones that jumped out at me for some reason or another.
I hope you enjoyed our California vacation.
Better yet, I hope you get to go for yourself soon.
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