Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home Again

Contented sigh.

I love adventure but I also love familiarity.
I adored our familiar skyline as it came into view last night.
I loved the smell of our house when we walked in the door.
I think its still a mixture of fresh paint and candles.
I love the feel of our own bed.

Funny story is we met a few fellow believers on the train.
They're connecting train didn't leave until 6:30 this morning which meant they would have had to wait in the little train station for 8 hrs. We invited them back to our apartment for showers and they thought sleeping on our floor would be better than sleeping in the station so they stayed.
It was kind of like a slumber party without the popcorn and chick flicks. So glad they could stay but I felt kind of bad they had to sleep on the floor. :(
What can ya' do when u have a small apartment?

Here are some super random pictures from my phone.

Russians make the best cakes. True story!
I have full intentions of learning how.

Our good friend Dima.
This guy is so talented musically its insane.

Our cousin's parrot named Pirate. He speaks Russian.
He died like a few days later. So sad :( He must have been sick.

Pink firetruck.?! How stellar is that?
Although it did kind of make me want to break out singing "....I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world..."
Cut, cut!!

Decorative inspiration found at the mall in San Francisco.
I can't remember what store it was, maybe Zara.

We rode the metro with Jack Sparrow in L.A.
He even spoke to me. He said, "nice hat".
I would have complimented his outfit but I didn't know if that would sound weird since it was a costume.

My adorable husband man.

Yours truly at union station. Just playing with the camera.

Dessert skyline.

Sorry, but I did warn you that they were random.

Bye lovlies!
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