Friday, June 10, 2011

Train Time

We are currently on the train headed to Los Angeles from Sacramento.
We found this cute private corner on the cafe car and are hanging out here with some fresh brewed coffee.

It's such q beautiful day. The sun is shining and I honestly feel like I'm in a movie with the gorgeous California countryside flying by outside.

Makes me think of this romantic scene on the movie "500 Days Of Summer".

I love the train. It's so quiet and I like the way it sways gently back and forth on the rails.
If you haven't tried it you totally should.
California was great and vacation was sweet but its good also to know we will be going to home sweet home in a few short days.
But for now I'm going to enjoy this train ride and what ever adventure awaits us in the city of Angels.

Peace out!
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  1. Dont you just love stuff with your new name printed on it? makes you feel all official n stuff;)