Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4 months!!

It's 4 months baby!
Husband and I have been married for exactly 4 months as of yesterday.
In a way I can't believe its been so long.
In another way I can't remember what its like not being married.
And that is good thing I think.

I love it!

Since its tourist season around here we have been taking quite a few evening walks.
We have some favorite spots we like to go to and sit and people watch.

One of our favorite spots has the view of the Alamo above.
This is a sure fire spot to see a lot of tourists if your looking for some.
I can't wait for the day to spy someone we know and them not knowing we're watching them.
Yes, I'm creepy like that.
No, I just think it would be hilarious.

It's especially beautiful as it begins to get dark and the lights of the city begin to sparkle.
San Antonio sparkles everywhere from the light covered horsedrawn carriages to the streetlights lining the street.

These lights are no match for the gorgeous moon though.

Right now I'm sitting outside the jazz club listening to some beautiful music.
It's so calming. And right now I need peace and calm.
Wish you were here!
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