Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lazy Day

It's been one of those lazy days.
You know, the kind where your house stays the way it was when you woke up.

You lay around drinking coffee and eating the delicious banana nut muffin your husband brought you.

You take a leisure walk around town and find a tiny feather.

You inspect it to find it's too cute not to keep.

You play with the new Japanese style photo filter on your camera 360 app and discover you kind of like it.

You listen to some inspiring music on your new headphones which your husband so kindly got for you to replace your falling apart ones.

You indulge in some fattening but "oh so good" pleasures with the excuse that afterall you did work out today.

You have an appointment with the Dr and this is one appointment you don't want to miss today.

You call your husband before he gets home to warn him you didn't put away yesterdays clean laundry.

I know you guys have had those days.
Don't lie!
I can almost see the guilty looks on your faces right now.
So, don't judge!
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