Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have fallen, fallen in love.

Ok, I know I've only been on Pinterest for a few days but I'm already quite addicted.

For a while now I have heard bloggers sing the praises of this wonderful place call Pinterest and how splendid it is.
Unfortunately, you can become a member by invitation only.

Well, silly me assumed that meant it was too exclusive for me.
I finally checked it out the other day and discovered you can submit your name on a waiting list to be invited.

I received an invitation after only a few days and am loving this place so much.
All of this to say, get yourselves over there now and sign up!
You heard me! Go!

I've only had the chance to pin a few things but have browsed a lot. Not only can you randomly browse for inspiration you can also browse specific categories or do a customized search to find a multitude of amazing things.
So awesome!
Here are a few random things that I'm loving.
I know I should be posting the links to these pictures origins but I blog from my phone and the only app I have found to work so far doesn't let me post links.
Frowny face!

You guys know how much I love Paris right?
If you don't love it yet than this picture will push you over the edge.

I want to transport here right now.

I love the calm feel of this room.

I'm not sure it would be for me but I do kind of like the intensity.

Beautiful dress.

Wishlist!! Anybody?
This lovely Jules Reid dress is actually on sale right now.
65% off. Original $795 Now $278

If you buy it don't tell me.
I would rather not be tempted to jealousy.

Lovely tattoos.
That's not normally the word that comes to mind but come on.
I really think I would do this. It's just so cute.
Adorable or no? What do you think?

I love this. I will have one someday.
The cool thing is that was a DIY paint job right there.
Somebody got creative!

As if I don't love chocolate chip cookies already!

Smore Cupcakes. Whiit whew!

Did I persuade anyone yet?
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  1. What a lovely collection of photos! I too am a bit smitten with Pinterest. It occupies way too much of my time!


  2. i must consider myself quite taken with Pinterest too! i luv, luv, luv all the awesome inspirations i get from there!! :) luv your lil collection on this post Laura!