Monday, August 8, 2011

August & Dreaming of Autumn

Is there anyone else out there who can't believe its August already!?
I'm not big on hints so I'll just put it out there in plain writing.
It's my birthday month!! 11 more days to be exact.

Right now in this scorching hot and dry season which we call summer here in Texas, all I can think of is looking forward the change of seasons.
Husband always tells me to enjoy every season while we're in it and I'm thankful that he reminds me.
It's true. When its so hot and dry all I can think is how nice it would be to feel cold.
Husband knows me good enough to know that I am not by any means a cold loving person and when it gets a little chilly I bundle up and shiver and go into a state of shock.
Nevertheless it never fails by the end of each season I look forward to the next with great anticipation.

So, not by way of complaining here is a list of things I'm looking forward to this coming season.

Rain. Aaah! To smell and feel it.

Cooler weather.
You know the way it feels when you open your oven to check on something and you get hit in the face by a fireball heat wave? Well, that's exactly how it felt today outside.
I'm not exaggerating!
Anyway, that's why I'm looking forward to cool, crisp weather and everything that comes with it.

Hot coffee and tea.
Which I drink anytime but somehow have a greater appreciation for as the temperatures drop.

I like the cozy feel. I like cuddling, I like snuggling with a blanket, I like bundling up for an evening walk and sitting in front of a fire.

Also with cooler weather comes a variety of clothing changes that I adore.
Oh how lovely the land where boots, knee high socks, leggings, scarves and many layers abound. Indeed!

My personal favorite.
I want these items to be in my closet really bad.

Here's to bringing the maxi skirt trend into fall! Yay!

Perfect layers.

I'm experimenting with putting together virtual outfits.
Go ahead and laugh if they're terrible. It's my first try.
I'm used to trying everything on I have and standing in front of the mirror before I decide what goes together.

Most of these clothes were found at
A few from
Go check it out.

Tootles! I'm out.
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