Monday, August 22, 2011

Blue Skies, Calling On Blue Skies

Wow, its been awhile my lovelies!
Its what happens when you suddenly acquire a life.
We saw these beautiful puffy white clouds and blue sky today while driving home today.

This past week was probably one of the most planned out weeks in my whole entire married life.
I think there was something specifically planned for each day.
WOAH! Right?!
Yes, I am spoiled.

On Wednesday I helped husband set up a book display at the San Antonio airport.
 When we parked I noticed this official Indy 500 pace car parked a few spaces away.
I had to take a picture.

My birthday was fantastic.
My mom came and spent the morning with me since husband had to work part of the day.
We baked yummy cinnamon rolls and strolled around downtown.

It was supposed to be a heart. Don't laugh! It didn't work out so well.
For dinner my parents took us to eat at Panera Bread. 
I do love that place!
After eating we hit the Quarry shopping center and went to this awesome place called Whole Earth Provisions Co.
They have some of the most interesting and unique things ever.
Ok, well now that you know where to get them. Good luck with getting them on the squirrel
Would this be fun or what?
I need this!!
Maybe this is childish but these made me laugh and say, "really!!??"

We went to Bible study in the evening and Aislinn made these delicious cake balls in honor of my birthday.
Thanks girl!
Don't hate me too much for posting these pictures girls. 
My phone camera was just being wacky.
Not only are they cute but soooo...good!
Click here to check out her blog. 
She is very talented at decorating cakes.

Well that's it for now. Happy Monday!

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