Monday, August 29, 2011

Pieces Of A Day

Goodmorning Sunshines!

It's still "good morning" for me because I had a wonderful time sleeping in. 
I think I deserve it since I was unable to fall asleep until sometime after 1:00 last night. 
(Believe me I had an unpleasant reason)


How was your Sunday?
Ours was simply delightful.

Getting together with the fellowship, yummy grilled chicken fajitas for lunch, and wonderful friends to chat with.

As you may or may not have noticed I have changed my blog's look a little.
It might not be the best but I needed a change.
What do you think?
Yes or No?

I'll leave you all with some very random phone photos. 

Our new soap in the bathroom. It smells so good!
Isn't the name just wonderful?
Pecksniff's! :) 

My new dish towels thanks to my sister in law.
 She gave the whole set to me for my happy birthday.
Can I just say again how much I love my new Macbook!?
So helpful with my meal planning this morning.
Planning my menu and grocery list.
In case you're following me on Pinterest now you know why I was repinning all the recipes.
My Orchid project.
Husband bought me one lovely Orchid plant and then my mom gave me 3 more she rescued from HEB.
They were about to be thrown away.
Surprisingly they're still alive even under my "not so green thumb" care.

Evidence that it's time to get off the bum. 
Unmade beds. :(
What? I'm totally getting to it.
Cluttered counters.

I'm off!
Have a fantastic Monday!

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