Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Egg & I

Happy Saturday!
I'm sad to say our Saturday doesn't look like the most relaxing.
Right now I'm riding shotgun on our 2 hr. drive to the warehouse where I work and where husband gets his books.

We're kind of on a schedule because we have to be back in San Antonio for a meeting later.

Reguardless of how busy or relaxed your day is, one thing you should never skip out on is a good breakfast.
At least that's what I hear.

Husband and I always drive by this place and think it has such an interesting name.
We finally decided it was due time to check it out. (and by checking it out I mean chowing down some of their food)


They had this saying on the wall.

As off the subject as this may be aren't the colors on this Arizona tea can inspiring?

The green/teal-ish can and the pink flowers.
I want a shirt the color of this can please.
That's all!

Now, go kiss a baby and have a fantastic weekend.
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  1. love your blog! glad i found it!