Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do Us All A Favor

So, I know you guys might be tired of hearing about the fire but as you already know many, many people have lost their homes and everything they own and the fire continues to burn. 
The are desperately in need of hope.
The fact of the matter is all of Texas is in very high risk of fires. We are in the middle of the worst drought Texas has seen to date.

If you would like to do something to help from right where you are, here are a few options.

Go here and check out this link.

Purchase one of these t-shirts and help financially toward support for firefighters and victims.
Help remind yourself and others to pray for this great state.

"A minimum of $2.00 for every shirt sold will be
 funneled to the front lines through organizations 
providing support for the firefighters,  through organizations 
providing relief for the victims, for Texas forest 
and wildlife organizations and eventually for rebuilding."

If that's not for you then there is always.....


Make a commitment to join in praying for rain for the state of Texas, for the victims who lost their homes, and for the firefighters out on the front lines. 

These people are our friends and neighbors.

I'm in on both options.
Anyone want to join me??

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