Friday, September 9, 2011

Track Side

On Monday husband and I had the day off to spend together with the rest of the lovely people of Choice Books Texas. 
They are not only our co-workers but also our friends and family. 

The day didn't turn out quite like we expected with news of the fire rapidly approaching the property where the warehouse is located (basically our work hub). I thought it was rather ironic that on the day we all got together was the same day many of our jobs seemed to hang in jeopardy.
We took the opportunity to spend some time in prayer for all those involved with the fire.
Nevertheless all was well and we enjoyed ourselves a lovely day together eating pizza, playing arcade games and lazer tag and whatever else there was to do.

Husband takes arcade games seriously!! :)

Basically this is me....doing things I'm not supposed to. 

They had the placed decked out in a fantastic beach theme.
They even has some real live surfboards. I wanted to steal one to put in my house.  :P 
Yummy pizza!
Husband wanted to imitate this guy.
He did!!

The biggest event of the day was the first official Choice Books go-cart race. 
It may very well have been the first and last but then who knows.
It was a ball!
Waiting in line for our go-carts.

You're never too old to love go-carts am I right??
Apparently I'm right.
Take a look with me as all these well seasoned adult drivers squeeze themselves behind the wheels of tiny go-carts for their one chance to dominate the track. 
This is the photo we took as we waited in line for our go-carts. In this photo we look like friends but its all a pretense. On the track no one was a friend of anyone as we battled to be numero uno. 
Ladies and gentlemen.....
...start your engines!!!
and GO GO GO!!!
 (that my friends...would be my mother. Yep, uh-huh! You heard me right.
She rocks like that!!

Haroldo says "I'm the man!!" - Ok, he didn't actually say that but it looks like it right?
Bryan the Mischievous.
Aaron the brave.
 (because he must be either brave or crazy to take his daughter out there on that track)
and on a normal day this is my boss.
On the right side of this photo you can spot the district manger in a small green sports car.
That would also be my dad.
Denise the triumphant. ( that's a smile of triumph if I've ever seen one)
Trust me, they take their normal driving jobs a lot more seriously than this.

Or do they?
I'll let you be the judge.

Happy Friday!!


  1. Great post, Laura! I enjoyed it!

  2. Sweet pics! Too bad we missed out on the race! I bet it was a lot of fun. :) So glad the warehouse is safe now.

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