Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Fire Rages

Hello blog world!
It's been a while since I had the time to update here with everything being so crazy and unsure about the fires and everything.
In case you don't know or haven't heard I was pretty much raised in Bastrop where the wild fires have been wrecking havoc here in Texas.  Husband and I live in San Antonio now but my parents, and many of our friends still live in Bastrop.

We had quite a few scares that my parents house would get hit by the fire. 
It was very close (less than 1/2 mile) but praise the Lord and thanks to the many, many people praying their house and property was spared.

Many, many people were not so fortunate with 1,386
homes lost and many thousands of acres burned.
I wished like crazy I would have had the opportunity to go behind the lines and get good pictures of the fires but unfortunately all the roads leading anywhere near the fires are closed. 
I did get a few pictures that might interest someone out there. 
If so here they are.
East Of Bastrop

Blocked Hwy 21 East

Less than 1/2 mile from my parents house.

 Please continue to pray for those who lost there homes and for the firefighters and other workers who are working to put an end to this nightmare.


Here's a video that has some pretty scary but amazing shots of some of the fires and destruction.

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  1. how terrifying! i am glad to hear your parent's house wasn't affected, but will be keeping all the others in my thoughts!