Saturday, September 24, 2011


...or not?

I did it! For the first time ever I made a complete pie all by myself. 
Granted, my pies where mini pies and the filling was from a can but hey...i felt accomplished when the part I dread the most (the crust) actually turned out. 

Well sort of turned out. By turned out I guess I mean it tasted okay.

Before you get all critical and judgmental let me just say that I grew up around a pie perfectionist called my mother. She always made the perfect pie crusts and everyone knows my mom loves making pies. One reason.....she's good at it and she knows the secret to a light and fluffy crust. 

What? You want to know what the secret is?
I told you it was a secret.
Secrets aren't secrets if you tell them.
Moving on.

Considering all that, I pretty much always left the pie making to my mother. I may have helped on occasion but never from start to finish. 

Blueberries and cream filling

Ready to bake

It's a heart!! How original I am right??!

The finished product.

Now, for some coffee and pie.


  1. Me! Me! I want to have some coffee and pie with you :D

  2. They look beautiful, and I'm craving pie in a bad way. I really, really want some pumpkin pie. ;)