Monday, October 3, 2011


Here's to hoping you had a fantastic weekend! Husband and I certainly did.

What you watch has a major effect on what you start craving have you noticed? Today I've been all lazy and relaxed. Thanks to Aislinn I started watching Cake Boss. AAAhh!! I started craving cake so bad so tonight husband snuck downstairs and bought be some little filled chocolate cakes and Dr Pepper to satisfy my cravings. Mwwaah baby!!

Here are some random pictures from our wedding. Have a happy week!

My wonderful sister-in-law made this surprise cookie cake for us. She knew chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.

Candy buffet

Our Baristas and drink servers for the day :)
It was a triumph!

 The band: Scarlet Point
Just want to give a big shout out to everyone who did such an amazing job with the music part of our special day. You guys did an outstanding job and you really put the perfect finishing touch to our wonderful day. We loved, loved, loved it! I just had to share some of the pictures while you guys were playing. Such a fun time!

The wonderful Starbucks stop. We had to keep up our energy you know.

Cake pops...yes please!

 Well, this gal better hit the sack. Got an early morning coming up. 

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