Saturday, October 22, 2011

He Takes The Cake

Hi everybody in blogosphere. I didn't blog this past week because I didn't have anything to write. Everything I was thinking revolved around my husband's upcoming birthday. Also, he reads my blog and I like to suprise him so....

Today is my husband's birthday. I do love celebrating someone who means so much to me. He is the greatest blessing in my life. I can not tell you how thankful I am for him. 

The many faces of my husband.
All these pictures were taken trying to get a good picture of him.
He's always goofing around. 
 Yesterday found me busily scrambling around making a cake for the beloved. Funny thing is neither of us are huge cake eaters but hey, I thought it would be fun and besides there's just something about cake and birthday's right? Anyway, it was kind of a big deal for me because quite frankly, I'm not a cake baker. Although, I did learn a few tips from all the years watching my mother when I was a kid. It turned out alright for an amateur I guess. 

Last night I made us a romantic dinner complete with flowers, candles and soft music playing. Yeah, it was straight from a fairy tale my friends. Actually the music stopped playing half way through dinner. Apparently groove-shark thought I had quite listening. Can I get a ...hello??

After dinner I brought out the cake with the candles burning on top and everything. He made a wish and he didn't tell me and he blew out the candles with one huff and puff. Granted, there weren't actually 23 candles because I didn't have that many. We tried to eat a piece with tea but it was so enormous we didn't even finish it. If you want leftovers.....just saying.
Checker board cake!!
We topped off the evening with a movie and snuggling. 
T'was the night before husband's birthday and a sweet night it was. 

The sad part of this fairy tale is my birthday present didn't arrive on time. I ordered it awhile ago and the delivery date was marked for the 17th which was on Monday. Here it is Saturday and I still haven't seen it. I contacted the company and they said the shipped it the same day I ordered it. Apparently it got lost. So instead we are going to go spend the day doing the rest of his birthday present shopping at La Cantera. Siked? Indeed! I love shopping with my Mr man. 

Do you're guys like shopping? Or, if you are a guy do you like shopping? 
I'm lucky to have a a man who enjoys it but I know a lot of guys don't really dig it. 

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