Friday, October 28, 2011

It's A Rather Blustery Day... pooh would say. 

Hello friends! 
Yes, Texas is rather cold and blustery this morning. 
At least it's cold to those southern gals like myself. I'm sure 54 degrees isn't that cold to some of you. I'm enjoying it though. After all I get to wear my boots and scarfs and sweaters and hats that have been stuffed away in storage all this long hot spell...need I say more?

So I've been in quite the party planning mode the last few weeks and at last yesterday we saw the fruits of the labor. Ms. Yvonne and I planned a baby shower for my lovely sister-in-law Maria. We had so much fun planning and preparing for it. We threw the party at my Mother's house since it was closer to all the guests. Here are a few pictures. I "warmified" all the pictures in case you're wondering why they look so old. Ha ha! I have a love all things vintage and retro so...there ya' have it. 

Our theme was monkeys and can I just say it can be difficult planning a baby shower if you don't know if it's for a boy or a girl. Neutral baby things can be hard to find. We gave it our best shot. 

Yvonne working on the chocolate covered bananas.
Excuse me while I sneak one....mmmm!
My beginnings of what turned out to be a lovely chicken salad.
Food prep crew. My mom helped too! Thanks Mom!
Yvonne made this adorable diaper cake.
I made this framed verse for Maria. Pardon the bad picture I took it with my phone. It was another one of my creative explosions and I made it in and hour or so. So fun!!
Saying: For this child I prayed. Wire words say heaven sent. 
Monkey cupcakes! We got this idea from pinterest. They turned out almost too cute to eat.
All the yummy food!
And, the tea! You can't have a lovely ladies party without some good tea. 

I tried making this blooming tea for the first time ever and it was SO delicious!! I couldn't believe how good it was not to mention pretty. can't forget the games. You know the ones that make you laugh so hard you cry....
...until it's you're turn and then suddenly it's not so funny. Bahaha! Yes, this is me making a fool of myself. Nothing new.

 The lovely mother-to-be holding up a gift she got. 

Btw...the brainstorm is still coming. 

I'm off. I have work to do. 

Happy blustery day to you all!


  1. Oh what a LOVELY party!!! I want to have helped and been there ;] {sniff} Can't wait to hear the news! -Glanette

  2. I second that - 'what a lovely party'!
    You and Yvonne are quite the party planners! Everything looks fantastic!

  3. where was my invite? :) JK
    Looks like a lotta fun!