Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Week (In A Nutshell)

What does that even mean? I've heard people say that before...In a nutshell. I think it means the same as "the short version of things" or "to make a long story short". I guess that's true because If I went into complete detail about everything that happened since my last blog we would be here for a while.

I will try and keep things short.

This week I...

....went to my first rally and march.

I didn't acutally participate but my curiosity got the best of me so I had to go check it out. They gave me free water so I guess that was nice of them. 

 ...Had dinner at some friends house and a fun time playing good old fashioned scrabble. It's such a nice game to play and one of the few games I actually find myself enjoying and wanting to play. Wow...have I ever changed over the years. I remember it being my most hated game when I was growing up.

Our dear friends Yvonne & Jason
This is my husband goofing off. That's what he does when I ask to take a picture of him. It's hard to take phone pictures of him because he always moving and they always turn out blurry. Hello! Can you hold still for like 2 seconds?

 ...Went for a walk in the rain with our umbrella. It was nice except for the part where we almost got run over by a car. We were crossing the street and this guy was turning and apparently didn't see us. He was going pretty fast and I could tell he didn't know we were there. I screamed and we both jumped back. He didn't see us until we jumped out of the way. I'm not sure who was more or him. Just as a warning, when you're turning you don't have the right of way, pedestrians do!! There were 5 pedestrians killed in 5 days here in San Antonio recently and with a couple close calls for us I'm starting to get a bit jumpy.

We walked over to see where they are having this sidewalk chalk event going on. I thought it a bit ironic that the one day you decided to have a sidewalk chalk event it rains. A lot of the drawing were under awnings so they survived. Some pretty cool art there.

My favorite is this picture of the dancer. The artist was drawing it from a real photo. It was so pretty with all the beautiful shading and stuff. Sweet talent right there!

Husband has a meeting tonight to I guess I'll be hanging out here alone. (unless someone decides to come join me) I promised husband I would make some brownies (his favorite) so I better keep my word.

  Tootles guys!

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