Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tea & Crumpets

Hi guys! What happens when you you get sick, you're in the middle of playing a great words with friends game and you discover a new tv show you love? 
 You're blog gets uh...neglected to put it honestly.
This past weekend was Amazing!! (with a capital A and lots of exclamation marks.) I was pretty bummed that I got sick but I tried to pretend I wasn't sick until all the fun stuff was over and then I crashed. 
Saturday night my Mom came to visit and Yvonne came by since all the guys had a meeting to go to. Mom came laden with all kinds of goodies, my most favorite being a whole bag full of avocados. Do you have any idea?? Do you?! I honestly feel like I'm eating gold. Aahh! Delicious.

Sunday our dear friends Joe & Carla came to visit. They live a whopping 3 or 3.5 hrs away. I talked about them before here. They are getting married and I'm so stoked for them. They're an awesome couple and we love them a lot. Now...if only we can convince them to move closer. Never mind, I'll just pray about it. 

We had such a grand time. Carla and I chatted about all things weddings and the guys just sat and giggled and texted each other. (kidding...i don't know what they were talking about) As a group we talked about marriage. Mostly about how scared people can make you about it before you get married. I remember feeling kind of worried because so many people told us how hard their first year of marriage was and how you suddenly wake up and realize the person you married isn't what you thought they were and all that. Anyway...I know it's different for everyone but husband and I tried to convince them that it's nothing to be freaked out about. We tried with all our 7 months of experience. 
Sharing my collection of wedding magazines with Carla.
This is what you have to do when you want any privacy in our house.

Jason & Yvonne came over later and we had even more splendid times. Trying to laugh without spilling our tea can be difficult my friends. Their weren't actually any crumpets but I thought it looked like such a lovely english title. Instead we had brownies which were also quite heavenly.

Russians love their tea. I should have been Russian for as much as I love tea. 

Tootles guys! I'm going to go have some pie with my husband. 


  1. I like so much your blog. check out mine and if you like follow me.

  2. Aww, oh wow!, and a ton of other things come to mind.... it sounds like a lovely Sunday!! :)

  3. I like that Joe & Carla couple as well :) Excited for the wedding! I wish you really would have had crumpets.. I was so disappointed! :p
    Oh, and I also like that other couple that came over later too... they make me laugh too!
    Miss ya'll!!

  4. You forgot to tell us what new tv show you discovered.