Friday, November 4, 2011

Remember The Burgers!!

Bring it on weekend!! Am I right?? 

As most of you know by now we live in the Alamo city. Amazingly enough I haven't even been inside the Alamo since we moved here 7 months ago. I know right, everyone goes to see the Alamo when they come to San Antonio. Hello! Yesterday I went for a walk and decided to go by the Alamo. Actually, I didn't decide I just kind of ended up there.

 The guard saw me staring contemplatively at it and said "So, where you visiting from!" 
Me: "Um, not visiting sir, I live here."
 Him: "oh, ok.... Well then, enjoy your day." I really look like a tourist? I am not wearing a fanny pack and tennis shoes. Just saying! Maybe that's why I don't hang around there much. I don't care for people assuming I'm a tourist and there isn't much that screams tourist more than hanging around the Alamo taking pictures. I didn't take pictures of the Alamo but I took a quiet walk in the gardens behind it and snapped a few pictures. If you come visit this time of the year this is most likely what you'll see. 
Soft Sunlight, bubbling fountains, pretty flowers, benches and cacti.
 It was peaceful. 

As always, Texans like to make sure you don't forget what state you're in. They fly the flag big!

I was so happy to hear that a friend of mine and some of her girlfriends were coming to visit San Antonio. It always makes me happy to know I live in a city where people come for vacation. Kind of makes me feel like I live on vacation. :) We met up for a few minutes last night to loan them our car for the day. (see guys, it benefits know friends in the right places huh?) JK! Afterwords husband and I went to this absolutely amazing burger place called Fuddruckers. You will probably have dreams about these burgers after you try them they are  so good.

 If you haven't tried so now! As Monk would say "you'll thank me later". 

Not much of an exaggeration in size there. 
Huge mirrors everywhere. Perfect for taking tacky pictures that make you look like a dwarf.

Husband took a picture of me through the glass from the outside which is why it looks like I have a mustache . Oh well, they're totally in right now. :)
 As I often do, I was so hungry by the time the food came that I just stuffed my face and didn't even take a picture of the food. You'll probably thank me for that too since it would have only made your mouth water. 

So, thank me.

 Ok, I'm going to go try some of the mini pumpkin pies I made yesterday. Wish me luck!
I'll let you know how it goes. 

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