Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pain In The Neck

That's literally what I have right now. For some odd reason I woke up yesterday morning with this awful crick in my neck and it hasn't recovered as of yet. I feel a little odd having to turn my whole body every time I turn my head. Sicko! Husband was so nice to bring home this icy hot type stuff that feels really good and smells really strong. I have to laugh at the possibility of us smelling like liniment all the time when we get old.

Yesterday was kind of a big day for me. I had an interview for a nanny position. It kind of just fell in my lap and I'm super excited. Of course before I went I was kind of nervous and everything but when I got there I immediately felt comfortable. The parents were super nice and the darling little girl is as sweet as a cupcake. She was very friendly and came right to me. Anyway today is my first day at my new job. Sweet little Em is still sleeping so I thought I would take this chance to catch up on some blogging.

Last night we went to celebrate at Spaghetti Warehouse. Super yummy fresh bread with garlic butter and bottomless soup. How can you go wrong on a cold night? If you haven't been there you should go. They have these cool streetcars where you can sit inside to eat. It's pretty cool! I tried taking a picture of the street car but it didn't turn out so well. At least I tried right?!

Cool old cash register. 

Another place we finally got to try along the river walk. The brisket, beans and garlic mashed potatoes were to die for but we
 both agreed that we've had better ribs and sausage. 

I give them props for having cute little pumpkins on the table. :)
Random picture I snapped while walking through La Villita.
Here's some more pictures from the past week. 

If you're friends with me on Facebook you probably already know that I made my first Russian cake. 
It was pretty good but next time I'm going to double up on the sour cream/sweetened condensed milk filling to make it more moist. 

If you want a similar recipe you can find it here. This is basically the exact recipe except I changed the filling. I only used sour cream and 1 can cooked sweetened condensed milk like my MIL. I had to make two recipes though to make a cake this size. I'm pretty sure this recipe will make a cake that tastes just like the one I made. 

 So we ordered an Irish coffee the other night and it was so delicious. 
The next day I was thinking, you know we could make these ourselves. Well, guess husband and I must think alike because he came home yesterday from work with all the ingredients. The one he made was even better than the one we ordered from the pros. Ha ha! My husband has mad skills. :P

Well guys, I guess that's all for today.
I had a little family photo shoot for some friends on Monday and I'm working on getting the pictures edited. Maybe I'll have a chance to post a few for you to see. 

Have a blessed day!

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