Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Happy December! 
A lot has happened since I blogged last. I think December is going to be a busy month. I can't believe in less than one week we will be bound for California. Yippy skippy!

We are finally finished with our house project and I can't wait to show you some pictures. Hint: it has to do with my formerly unattractive kitchen cabinets. I'm sure you can guess now right?

Last night I went with husband and the little brother to a concert. I've been itching and hinting strongly of my desire to go to a good concert again. When I first heard about Casting Crown's "Come To The Well" tour coming to San Antonio I casually mentioned it to husband. He responded with, "get tickets, surprise me!". Well, there's a suggestion you can't refuse right?! Especially if it goes so well with what you would like. Ha ha! So forward to last night found us rocking out with Sanctus Real, The Afters, Casting Crowns and a newbie Lindsay McCaul. Very inspiring and uplifting. (I might have cried a little)
Waiting in line to get inside. 

Today husband has off of work so that was nice. We had such a wonderfully fun time. Hanging out with the little brother who stayed in town after last night, going to pick out our tree, decorating our tree, baking gingerbread cookies and listening to Christmas music. It was all so very festive and fun.

 Husband and I are having fun starting our own traditions with our first Christmas as husband and wife. 

Tonight I got to babysit the sweet little Em while her parents went to a Christmas party. We had so much fun. She is such a sweetheart and I am quite in love with her. Husband is so cute when he plays with her and it makes my heart melt. It also makes me want to have babies......someday. lol! Husband whispered to Em "We can't keep you because we're going to get our own little baby." Ha ha ha!

After Em left we walked down the street half a block where they were having a concert in the alley. They were presenting the new video game called Rocksmith(kind of like guitar hero) where you can use virtually any guitar as your controller. That's use a real guitar! I didn't try it because everybody else looked like they already knew how to play guitar which is probably a huge plus. They were handing our free Red Bull so they got 4 stars for that. Out front by the street they parked the Gibson bus. We got to tour it. Talk about the ultimate hangout/ jam space that was it. So super luxurious. Pictures don't do justice.
Husband and I officially have a new dream. Buy a bus! lol!

Creepy eyes!! Be very afraid!
Tootles guys! Have a blessed weekend. 


  1. i lOVE sanctus real - that concert sounds awesome. and what kind of traditions are you starting? its me and my husbands first christmas together and i'm still trying to figure that out. especially because we aren't really going to be here for half of it because we're going to stay with my family back east...

  2. Very sweet! Are you sure the little mittens on the wreath aren't trying to tell us something? ;)