Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Setting The Mood

It's me again.
I'm sitting here all cozied into a chair watching the lights on the Christmas tree twinkle and letting my mind wander. It's a beautiful chilly day outside and between me, the blanket and the tea we're keeping it pretty warm inside. 

I can hardly fathom in my mind how fast the seasons change and here we are already on the brink of the biggest holiday of all. My mind can't process how time can go so fast. When I was a kid a year seemed like a very long time and now it just goes by so fast and there's no stopping it or slowing it down. 

If you're not in the mood for Christmas and winter yet than here are some pictures that might help you get in the mood. Obviously I have to look at these pictures to get in the mood because we don't have any snow. It's a blessing....and a curse. :)  Enjoy!

By the way....did you guys know that the New York Rockfeller center Christmas tree is normally anywhere from 69 to 100 feet tall? Can you say enormous??!!!
Maybe someday I'll get to see it for myself. 

You gotta' love this picture.

Romantic :P 

Boy could I cuddle this little bundle of fur. 

I've been staying pretty busy working on a project at our apartment. It's a surprise so I can't tell you just yet. But maybe you can guess when I tell you that it's a pretty big project. Can't wait to show you.

Ciao and stay warm!


  1. I enjoyed the pictures and really like the sign that says "True Love Was Born in a Stable". Maybe I'll make us one like that. (Wish I would!) :) I honestly love living in Texas, but come Christmas time, I wish we had snow!

  2. Great pictures. I'm jealous that you already have your tree decorated. I hope to do that very soon. Happy Holidays.