Monday, December 19, 2011

If My Heart Was A House...

...You'd be Home. 

So remember how a while ago I promised to show you the project we were working on in our house? Well, it's been finished for a while but today I finally got a chance to snap a few pictures with my phone. 

Remember this post? 
Go take a look and take special notice of our "before" picture of our kitchen. Only until you remember how it looked before can you truly appreciate these "after" pictures. 

I'm really happy with how they turned out. I wasn't much into the plain wood look and it didn't really coordinate with the rest of our apartment. Now everything flows much better. In my opinion. (if you don't look too closely at the kitchen counter top)
I have to give a big special thank you to my sweet husband for helping me with the details and to my mother who spend many hours helping me paint. What I thought to be a potentially easy project turned into a 1 1/2 wk project but I'm so glad it's done. many of you can believe it's less than a week 'til Christmas? 
I'm getting thuper exthited to have my brother and his little family come for a visit. They are coming a few days after Christmas and I'm so pumped. Can't wait to see the little nephew again and to partay!! 
They live in Montana so let's just say we don't get to see them nearly enough.

Here's a couple collages I made from pictures I took in California. These were all taken downtown Sacramento the day of Jacob's wedding. I was having so much fun with the bright fall leaves. 

 I'm going to go rock baby Em to sleep. I'm so happy I get to have her at my house this week. Yay, no morning commute. :) 
Have a blessed day everyone!

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