Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Christmas Day Coming Right Up

I'm fairly giddy with excitement for the weekend and for Christmas. I'm so looking forward to my first Christmas with my Mr Man.  I'm looking forward to everything except for the part where we have to come up with some sort presentation for our Friday night Christmas service. Ugh! I'm not much of a public speaker or...really public anything. Bahaha! I guess I'm just going to have to bite the bullet. So...what to do?? I'm racking my brain. Every household has to come up with something and I'm trying to think what would be perfect for two people to do? Any suggestions guys?? I could really use your help on this one. :)

Yesterday was a crazy day. I've been wanting to make gingerbread houses with my Mom and finally yesterday was the day. We planned to do it during the day but as always things didn't go as planned and we were making gingerbread houses at something around 10 last night. Uh-huh! You heard me right. They're pretty cute though and I can't wait to show you some pictures. The upside is that I got to do some more of my Christmas shopping because things didn't turn out as I planned. Something to be thankful for you know.

I know I've been posting a lot of collages lately but I figured out I can post a lot of pictures and it makes it more simple for me because I don't have to decide which ones to post. I just post them all. :) Here's us saying hello from San Francisco.

I have a new dream since finding this most delightful tea shop in San Francisco. It's called Crown & Crumpet.  I want to own a shop like this some day. It was the most charming place ever!! We vowed to plan a tea there next time we visit.

Here's to the weekend!! Cheers my loves.

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