Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthdays & Steak

You know those days where everything goes the way you planned and you can't believe what a good day you're having? Well, I'm not having one of those. :P 

I must choose to take a positive look onto an otherwise bum start to my day. The car battery was dead, dead. :(  Thank God for a handy husband who was so sweet and braved the cold to help me get it started. He's so nice. I have no faith in Karma because things should have gone great for the husband after all he did for me. No,....not today. His work truck stalled at a red light. Thank goodness it was him and not me because that's (practically) my worst fear. People honking at me makes me very nervous. A few tweaks and he was on his way again. Thank you Jesus! He's always watching out for us even if things aren't easy. 

I felt so warm and tingly inside when I got to work and cuddled little Em on the couch. Mornings are the best time to cuddle little kids before they get their hyper on. And..I got to read my book before she decided to snatch it from me. I explained to her that my book was an adult book and it was boring for little kids because it didn't have any pictures. Never mind that it has pages to tear... AAAHh...rrrip rIP!! Ok, Not really, it didn't go that far because I wouldn't permit it.

Here are some pictures from Em's birthday party last weekend. 
Plates with Emily's face on them.
Autograph dog
birthday table
opening her presents with help from Mommy and the cousins. 
Emily's mommy and daddy.

I came home from work the other night to find husband marinading steaks. I'm sure you ladies know what a wonderful sight that is. The steaks turned out so yummy I promise I'm still dreaming of them. Being a pretty firm believer in eating chicken this steak was enough to convert me. I officially love steak. It looked so yummy I just had to snap a picture before we devoured it up. 

I'm not sure why I'm posting this. The pictures make me hungry just looking at it. Thanks husband!
 ** Stomach growls** 
I'm off to read my book since it's Em's nap time. 


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  1. That looks like a very good steak! Better than the average steak at most steakhouses.We will have to remember who to get to grill steaks at some future CB event!